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The property “Villa Roof of Nice” is situated on a hill (250 meter / 850 feet above sea level) and exists of different levels which are connected to each other by stairs. The lower levels form the big garden (totally 3500 square meter / 40000 sqf), on the upper level one enters the property and on this level the house itself is located. The main-house has 3 floors and on the ground floor you find the livingroom. The living room is directly connected via big bay windows with the main outside area: the panorama-terrace and the pool area.
Around the first/grond floor of the villa you find the private HEATED swimming pool (ovally formed with lighting). Between April and October we are heating the pool. From the pool you have a very nice view and you can make use of sunloungers. Furthermore one finds at this level of the property the poolhouse (with shower and washbasin), a separated outside toilet, many terraces, a lot of green (a big orange tree, palmtrees, jucca’s, a rosary, a lawn, etc.) as well as a big 60 sqm (645 sqf) wooden terrace.
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This terrace is built on pillars above a part of the garden and from this terrace one has great views in many directions; in northern direction you can see the Southern Alps (with between September and April often snow visible on the tops!), in eastern direction the Italian mountains, the hills of Monaco and the Roman city-part of Nice “Cimiez” and in southern direction the centre of Nice and the Sea. On this wooden terrace there is a big teak table with 16 chairs; perfectly suitable for a great breakfast in the sun Next to a big orange tree there is another small stone terrace.
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view from terrace South:
daily visible from the property are the ferryboats leaving the port of Nice to the big french island of „Corsica”. Also many big cruiseboats make a stop in Nice.
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In the garden in front of the wooden terrace there is another terrace where one can also enjoy a panoramic view on the sea and Nice-city-centre. On this terrace a big (8 persons) jacuzzi / outside SPA is located. All year around you and your guests can use this jacuzzi/hot tub (bath is constantly heated). Sitting in this spa you will have during the day a panoramic look on the blue Mediterranean Sea and the impressing mountains. In the evenings the jacuzzi is also a very relaxing experience; you will be stunned by the thousands of lights from the city-centre of Nice
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One level below the location of the jacuzzi/hot-tub there is an area fenced off for table-tennis (ping-pong). Under the branches of the mimosa trees you can play here with your friends a nice game of ping pong !

The lower levels make up the big garden of “Roof of Nice”. Here you find many olive- and lemon-trees, mimosa-trees, cherry- and apricot-trees, orange- and prune-trees, grape-stumps, etc. Between the many fruittrees one has a lot of privacy and one can relax delightfully. Here you also find a half-round-teakwooden bench. In summer an automatic sprinkling system takes care of the irrigating of the garden. The total property is more than 3500 square meters (40000 square fee); so you and your guests have a lot of privacy around the house and in the big garden.
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The entrance-gate to the public road is located on the toplevel of the property. It is a iron gate wit automatic doors (can be opened and closed at distance with a remote control). There is parking-space for 6 cars; 1 in the garage and 5 on the drive between the house and the entrance-gate (so on the property itself / not on the public road). On this toplevel one finds also a part of the garden with amongst others palm- and olive-trees and a long hedge parallel to the villa.
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