Villa „Roof of Nice” is located on a hill and the main-house is situated on the upper level of the property. In this main-house you find the big livingroom, the kitchen and 5 of the totally 6/7 bedrooms. The main-house consists of 3 floors :
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On the third (top) floor of the main-house there is – with a separate entrance – a large sun-terrace of 80 square meter (850 sqf) as well as the “Safari”-bedroom" with big bay windows, 2 separated beds (twin) and an own bathroom (toilet, bath and washbasin). This bedroom is very light, has a stone floor, a wall cupboard and on the walls there are Safari-drawings as decoration. The Safari-bedroom has its own TV, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heatingsystem and an alarmclock-radio. From both the bedroom as from the sun-terrace you have superb views in many directions.
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The second floor of the main-house consists of the main-entrance-hall and 3 bedrooms (“Chinese”-, “Mexican”- and “Nature”-bedroom) with all their own bathrooms. In the spacious 17 sqm (190 sqf) main-entrance-hall one finds a large wardrobe. In the main-entrance you find the marble stairs to the first floor as well as the access to the 3 bedrooms on this second floor.

“Chinese” bedroom" has 2 separated beds (twin) and an own bathroom (toilet, shower and washbasin). This bedroom has view on the green next to the house, is decorated in Chinese style and the walls are coloured in white and light-grey. This bedroom has its own TV, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heatingsystem and an alarmclock-radio.
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Next to the Chinese bedroom the “Mexican” bedroom" is located. This bedroom has also 2 separated beds (twin) and an own bathroom (toilet, shower and washbasin). From the Mexican bedroom one has a nice view on the garden, the hilly surroundings and the Southern Alps. The Mexican colours (walls in yellow and orange), 2 glaringly blue chairs and cactusses make it a suitable atmosphere. This bedroom has its own TV, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heatingsystem and an alarm-clock-radio.
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Finally you find on this second floor of the main-house the fourth bedroom: the “Nature” bedroom. This bedroom is with its large dimensions (surface of 35 sqm / 380 sqf) and 4 big windows with view on the city, the mountains and the sea the “Chambre de Maître”. It has a big bed (double) and its own bathroom (modern bathroom with among other things a toilet, corner-bath and washbasin). In the Nature-bedroom the furniture in natural light-wooden style. Furthermore this bedroom has a couch at its disposal; a sofa-bed which can be transformed into 2 separated beds. The Nature-bedroom has its own television, telephone, a fitness device, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heateningsystem and an alarmclock-radio.
When you go down from the main-entrance-hall you enter a lobby / computer-corner on the first/ground floor. In this area there is a computer with a broadband-wireless-internet-connection. This computer corner / lobby is decorated with a big couch, plants and a design ceiling lamp. In this room you can find also many brochures, books and maps of Nice and its surroundings which you can use to plan your trips. The couch is a sofa-bed that can be transformed into 2 separated beds and with the possibility to separate this area with curtains it can be used as a sleeping gallery.

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By means of a nice curvature the second entrance is connected to a corridor. This on the first/ground floor located corridor gives access to the livingroom, the kitchen as well as to a small other corridor from where you can enter the fifth bedroom.
The livingroom is very spacious and many windows, including ceiling-windows, make it very light. The big bay windows are built in a corner which makes a part of the salon a kind of sun lounge. From the livingroom you have a very wide and panoramic view on the mountains, Nice and the Sea. Also you have direct view on the pool, terrace and a lot of green. In the evening one can delightfully relax in the salon with view on the thousands of lights of Nice. The salon has a high volume ceiling in which spotlights and the airconditioning is put away. The floor of both the salon, lobby and corridor is of marble. The salon is furnished with a modern leather sofa designed and several lounge-chairs. The diningroom furniture consists of a 2.80 meter (110 inch) long wooden table which can be extended to 4 meters (160 inch). Totally there are 16 comfortable diningroom chairs. In the salon you find also a large screen television with Satelite TV, a tuner, a CD/DVD-player and telephone.
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Furthermore you find on the first/ground floor a separate kitchen. This is an Italian design kitchen with granite tops and a kind of cooking island. In the top of the cooking island an induction-stove is integrated. The island-part of the kitchen has also several drawers and an integrated microwave. Against another wall the other part of the kitchen is built with a dishwasher, a self-cleaning pyrolyse oven, 2 sinks, several large drawers, a big american refrigerator and an extra refrigerator.
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Finally you find on the first/ground floor another small corridor that gives access to a small washing-room (with washingmachine and washdryer), another small room with cleaning-equipment and electricity-system and the fifth bedroom. This is the “Provencal bedroom”. The Provencal bedroom is decorated in south-french style and has 2 separated beds (twin) and a big bathroom (with toilet, bath and washbasin). From this bedroom you have a nice view on the green of the garden, the surrounding hills and the mountains. This bedroom has its own TV with VCR, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heatingsystem and an alarmclock-radio.

One level below the main-house you find a part of the garden; on this level – about 10 meter (35 feet) from the villa – a small separated house is located with a bedroom with its own bathroom. This 6th bedroom of “Villa La Citronneraie" is decorated in “Indian-style”. It has 2 separated beds (twin) and a small bathroom (toilet, shower and washbasin). In front of this small house you find a small terrace (with table and 2 garden-chairs) with view on the garden and palmtrees. In the small house itself you find 2 low wooden Indian chairs and decoration-material in the same style. The bedroom has its own TV, a telephone, an individually adjustable airconditioning- and heatingsystem and an alarmclock-radio.
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In addition to the above mentioned 6 full bedrooms there is, three levels below the main-house, another separated house with sleeping accommodation. This is a wooden 20 sqm (215 sqf) chalet that can be used as a 7th bedroom. This "Swiss Chalet" is a more basic bedroom and decorated in mountain style; it has 2 separated beds (twin). It is located in the middle of the garden next to a pond with view on the many trees that surround the chalet. This bedroom has no bathroom, however it has a washbasin.
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Totally the villa has 6 full bedrooms with each an own bathroom. Based upon 2 persons per bedroom with each an own bathroom one can comfortabely accommodate 12 persons on “Roof of Nice”. In addition there sleeps 2 persons in the wooden chalet in the garden (7th bedroom). In stead of using the chalet it is also possible to use the second entrance-hall on the first/ground floor as a sleeping gallery (sleeping-couch with 2 separated beds) or to use the “Nature-bedroom” as a 4-persons bedroom (sleeping-couch with 2 extra separated beds; ideal for parents with children); in total we accept groups up to maximum 16 persons (or a more limited number of persons if this is limited in your booking confirmation or rental contract).

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